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To be on the safe side, you and your operators can contribute to a long machine life by
following these steps:

Firstly, carry out maintenance work of your machine, according to operational conditions and
working situations. Conduct this exercise regularly as per your machine maintenance

Use genuine pipes only from the OEM, and correct pipes according to the applicable
pressure, to ensure trouble-free operation. Carry out water pressure tests for pipes and also
the couplings whenever necessary.

Check the pipes, the couplings, seals and elbows on regular basis and change them as and
when required.

Take special care during winter by keeping the sponge balls in anti-freeze. Many a times, the
sponge ball remains frozen within the boom, thus, hampering the operations of the machine.
The hydraulic system is considered to be the "blond circulation" of a concrete pump.

Disorders in the hydraulic system lead to error functions and usually the complete
breakdown of the machine. The main cause of these breakdowns are defective valves or in
extreme cases, also the breakdown of the hydraulic pump. These failures are almost always
due to dirt in the hydraulic oil.

To avoid this dirt, the hydraulic filter is an essential part of the
oil circuit. By keeping the hydraulic oil clean, the filter protects the expensive components in
the hydraulic system from damage and breakdown.


When cleaning, pay special attention that no residue of concrete or other solids remains in
the delivery hose. Only PM hoses are to be used as they can endure the prescribed
operating and testing pressures, and are especially wear resistant. 

Always keep a check on the wear parts in the machine, wear and tear of which may cause
machine breakdown.

In case of any worn or defective parts, get the parts replaced immediately.
After completion of each job, make sure that you clean the pipeline, the hopper, cylinder,
and end hose thoroughly with water. Lubricate all the points in the hopper area with the help
of grease gun.

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