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Technical Detail Page

Pump: Innovative and reliable

With high delivery pressures of up to 130 bar for delivery outputs of up to 160 m3/h, Putzmeister pumps are  suitable for all concreting tasks. 

The S-transfer tube is the optimum leak-proof delivery system as there is only one point of separation between the spectacle plate and the transfer tube. The entire switch-over hydraulics and bearings lie outside the concreting area. The low number of parts and ease of exchange make them extremely  maintenance friendly.  Additionally, the hopper does not have to be dismounted to exchange the wear parts.


Specific details such as the durable delivery pistons, series standard chrome-plated delivery cylinders and the S-transfer tube system designed by Putzmeister ensure that all our machines are able to withstand long periods of intensive use.


Mode of operation

  • The low lying agitator which is driven at both ends shifts the concrete directly in front of the cylinder openings.
  • Two powerful and quick moving switch cylinders (which are muffled) move the trunk back and forth in front of the large suction openings, thus releasing the pressure and intake openings alternately.
  • Depending on the position of the S-valve the concrete is lighting into a cylinder or pressed through the delivery pipeline.


Piston Pump (S valve system)

Stationary concrete pumps with the S-transfer tube are continually setting new world records in vertical and horizontal delivery. For example, in 1994 at Riva del Garda in Italy, concrete was pumped vertically over 532m! Or a pump height of 606m at the Burj Khalifa job site. Even in these cases, both the machines and accessories were not operating at their limits. Even when dealing with difficult concrete Putzmeister machines can be counted on to perform continiously and reliably.

Wherever extremely stiff and highly abrasive mixes are encountered this system is used. Of course it is also available with truck-mounted concrete pumps. In pre-cast factories you will find always find a piston pump when it comes to high strength concrete, steel fibre concrete or when there is a longer distance to cover.

The S-valve is the first choice for concrete pressures above 85 bars. This is especially useful for long pumping distances over stationary pipelines. The Putzmeister S-valve is especially designed for long life and high concrete pressure. This results in long service intervals and increased availability of the machine. To extend the life of the S-valve, the inside wall can be rebuilt by hard face welding.



Control: Ergonic and free-flow hydraulics

Approved hydraulic fluids

Mineral hydraulic fluids

  • As a general rule, only mineral hydraulic fluids of type HLP may be used for concrete pumps and industrial technologies. These hydraulic fluids must also meet the minimum requirements of DIN 51524-2.
  • The use of H, HL, HLPD or HVLPD fluids as well as zinc-free hydraulic oils is prohibited.
  • As standard the viscosity grade ISO VG 46 has to be used (range from -10 °C to 90 °C).
  • Only fluids that meet the minimum requirements of
    DIN 51524-2 and these Putzmeister specifications for the viscosity grade ISO VG 46 and are confirmed in writing by the manufacturer may be used.


Confirmed mineral hydraulic fluids:


ISO VG 46 (Range of application -10 °C to 90 °C): As a standard use viscosity grade ISO VG 46.

  • ADDINOL Hydraulic Oil HLP 46
  • ARAL Vitam GX 46
  • AVILUB Hydraulic PM 46
  • Benz Oil PTL 46
  • BP Energol HLP-HM 46
  • Castrol Hyspin AWS 46
  • EuroLub HLP 46
  • Fuchs Renolin B 46 CP
  • Liqui-Moly HLP 46 SG-Z
  • Mobil DTE 25
  • Petro-Canada HYDREX AW 46
  • SRS Wiolan HS 46
  • Total Azolla ZS 46


ISO VG 32 (Range of application -15 °C to 80 °C): Due to lower viscosity, the maximum temperature limit of the machine must be adjusted to 80 °C (90 °C standard).

  • ADDINOL Hydraulic Oil HLP 32
  • Agip PRECIS HLP 32
  • Benz Oil PTL 32
  • BP Energol HLP-HM 32
  • Castrol Hyspin AWS 32
  • Mobil DTE 24
  • Total Azolla ZS 32


ISO VG 68 (Range of application 0 °C to 95 °C): Due to higher viscosity, the maximum temperature limit of the machine may be adjusted to 95 °C (90 °C standard).

  • ADDINOL Hydraulic Oil HLP 68
  • Agip Precis HLP 68
  • ARAL Vitam GX 68
  • Benz Oil PTL 68
  • BP Energol HLP-HM 68
  • Castrol Hyspin AWS 68
  • EuroLub HLP 68
  • Mobil DTE 26
  • SRS Wiolan HS 68
  • Total Azolla ZS 68


Bio-degradable hydraulic fluids

  • As a general rule, only bio-degradable hydraulic fluids of category 4 (HEES – synthetic ester) of DIN ISO 15380 and viscosity grade ISO VG 46 may be used for concrete pumps and industrial technologies. These hydraulic fluids must also meet the minimum requirements of this standard.
  • Only fluids that meet the minimum requirements of
    DIN ISO 15380 and these Putzmeister specifications for the viscosity grade ISO VG 46 and are confirmed in writing by the manufacturer may be used.


Confirmed bio-degradable hydraulic fluids:

  • Bechem Hydrostar HEES 46



Ergonic by Putzmeister

Greater efficiency, lower costs, increased flexibility – these are the results that Putzmeister truck.mixer concrete pumps with Ergonic® systems can achieve in practice.

Ergonic 1 brochure CT 4690

Ergonic 2 brochure CT 4691


Standard equipment:


Ergonic® Remote control: Within your grip!

  • Ergonomic boom control with two joysticks
  • The EBC functions can be directly operated using the radio remote control. When EBC operation is activated, it is possible to control the boom with only one joystick.
  • The pump operator receives up-todate feedback and system displays for the machine directly on the clear display
  • Simple operation of the entire display menu via rotary pushbutton


EPS - Ergonic Pump System

The advantages of EPS at a glance:

  • Low wear
  • Vibrations in the machine and boom are reduced
  • Minimal noise during the optimised pumping process
  • Includes EOC (Ergonic® Output Control) - regulates the engine to the perfect speed to minimise fuel consumption, wear and noise
  • Fault management via EGD (Ergonic® Graphic Display)
  • Fewer components and therefore lower service costs
  • Convenient radio remote control incl. replacement cable remote control
  • Practical and reliable fault management
  • High degree of machine availability due to high-quality components and easy access to data via optional Ergonic® Tele Service (ETS) for rapid (remote) diagnosis

EGD - Ergonic® Graphic Display

provides a full overview


Simple control and increased operational safety

It provides information about:

  • Hydraulic fluid temperature
  • Operating hours
  • Delivery pressure/delivery pressure limit
  • Delivery rate/delivery rate limit
  • Fault management
  • And much more information




EBC - Ergonic Boom Control

The Advantages of EBC at a glance:

  • Precise concrete placement, even with high output
  • Defining critical working areas reduces risks
  • The convenient, ergonomic one-handed control makes the work of the driver easier and ensures the height remains constant when moving the end hose in a horizontal Position
  • Optimised, semi-automatic folding and unfolding process for quicker machine readiness and greater user-friendliness
  • More stable end hose thanks to vibration damping


EOC – Ergonic Output Control

from zero to a hundred in one turn

  • The delivery rate of the pump is set directly with just one knob on the radio remote control
  • The electronics of the EOC then regulate the optimal engine speed for the lowest level of fuel consumption, wear and noise
  • Ergonomic one-handed control gives the machine operator a great deal of freedom of movement
  • If the boom is not moved and the pump is off, the engine decreases to idling speed, which can save up to 10 per cent fuel


ETS – Ergonic® Tele Service

your advantage in the event of a service

  • Higher machine availability and lower costs
  • directly on the machine via a Service laptop
  • remotely via a modem and PC in the concrete pumping service workshop or at the Putzmeister After Sales Service


ESC - Ergonic® Setup Control

ESC is a system that ensures that the safety-related functions of the machine are monitored. It also allows you to work as flexibly and easily as possible within the framework of the existing directives and standards.

  • In addition to the possibility of full support, Putzmeister also offers a safe system for One-Sided Support.
  • Only certain arm positions and working areas are allowed in order to guarantee the stability of the concrete pumps in Operation.
  • It is a win-win situation in terms of safety for people who work at and with the machine and for operators because the investment is protected against possible damage

Ergonic 1 radio remote control


Ergonic® radio remote control (FFS) – everything at a glance, everything under control

In addition to enabling convenient boom control, the radio remote control allows the machine operator to monitor and set various different parameters. The machine operator has access to up-to-date feedback and system information, such as engine speed, fluid temperature, concrete pressure, output, and pressure and volume limit at any time on the display. The strength of the radio signal and charge status of the battery are also indicated via bars.*

Ergonic® FFS at a glance

  • Information is made available at the workstation of the machine operator on the radio remote control display
  • Ergonomic boom control with two joysticks
  • Convenient one-handed control (only with EBC) reducing the effort required by machine operators
  • Up-to-date feedback and system information for the machine transmitted onto the easily readable display by an additional signal
  • Easy operation of the entire display menu via rotary push button


Ergonic 2 radio remote control


Ergonic® FFS 2.0 at a glance

  • Ergonomic boom control with two joysticks
  • Convenient one-handed control (only with EBC) reduces the effort required by machine operators
  • EBC functions operated directly using the radio remote control
  • Can also be used as a cable remote control (e.g.where radio communication is prohibited)
  • Easy replacement of the radio remote control thanks to radiomatic® iLOG technology
  • Lithium ion battery for a working time of up to 17 hours
  • Optimum clarity thanks to modern menu guidance and 3.5” colour display
  • Leak-tight and robust thanks to encapsulated electronics
  • Improved safety on the construction site thanks to a lamp with pocket torch function
  • Includes functional contents for EMC on the PUMI®

Multiple truck-mounted concrete pumps – one remote control

By exchanging the integrated chip card, the radio remote control can be used for all concrete pumps, regardless of the number of arm segments.


Free-flow hydraulics

Benefits at a glance

  • More power and less energy lost

· High efficiency

· While valves interrupt the oil flow on other systems, the intelligent control directs the oil into the drive cylinders without significant losses

· Expensive control blocks are not required which avoids the oil heating up and makes servicing easier

  • Good ratio ensures powerful, convenient operation


Today concrete pumps are predominantly operated by hydraulic systems. Putzmeister places its trust in the benefits of free-flow hydraulics because the most important performance factors are the concrete pressure, low-loss oil delivery and costs.


When large quantities of concrete are pumped, large quantities of oil also flow inside the hydraulic system. More power is transferred inside a closed free-flow hydraulic circuit because the oil is conveyed from the pump to the drive cylinders without loss. The adapted hydraulic System ensures extremely powerful interaction between components because the oil Ratio is perfect. Compared to the open circuit, this ingenious drive technology requires significantly less oil and does not generate as much heat. The system is also economical to operate because it achieves a high degree of energy efficiency and is easy to service.

Base structure: Stability in the smallest space

The installation conditions on many construction sites are restricted because they are located in urban areas or alongside busy roads. Whether or not truck-mounted concrete pumps can be used essentially depends on the support dimensions. The OSS (One Side Support) offers distinct advantages here:

  • Extent of supports significantly reduced with use OSS
  • Flexible application options
  • Fewer obstacles in the surrounding area such as traffic


Boom: Optimal design for you

Benefits at a glance

  • Choice between different reaches and booms with 4, 5 or 6 arms in Z fold system, roll-Z fold system or Z-roll fold system for greater flexibility and versatility in all applications
  • No dead space on either folding type
  • Distributor booms manufactured from low-wear, low-maintenance components
  • Good accessibility to all components
  • Boom control with direct response characteristics
  • Minimal boom vibrations ensure comfortable handling
  • Auxiliary EBC equipment (Ergonic® Boom Control) for damping vibrations, restricting the working area and one-handed control